Frequently Asked Questions – Sundance Quilting

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How big does my backing need to be?

  • We ask that backing be four (4”) inches larger on all sides.  Add 4 inches to each side of the top measurements or a total of 8 inches to the top width and length.  For example if your quilt top is 60”X70” please ensure that your backing is at least 68”X78”.  

Where do I send my quilt?

  • We have a new address!  Please send your quilt tops and backing to:
Sundance Quilting
  12577 South 265 West, Suite A1
Draper, Utah, 84020

Do I have to pay the return shipping?

  • Not usually.  Orders over $65 get free shipping and if you get the quilt to us we will quilt it in less than 2 weeks from receipt, package it up nicely, and get it delivered (with insurance) right back to you. 
  • Our friends in Alaska and Hawaii do have a $10 shipping charge.
  • It is safe, simple, and fast.  If you want quicker return shipping, we do offer a few faster options.  What are you waiting for?  Send that quilt in, we can’t wait to get started!

Is the batting included?

  • Batting, thread, and a fresh needle is included in the price of every quilt top we quilt.  We don’t love the thought of adding a ton of add-on charges and find it simple and straightforward to include everything necessary to complete your project in the base price.  

What kind of batting do you use?

  • We use Winline 80/20 cotton and polyester batting.  It is super soft and durable and made here in the USA.  There are no chemicals or bleaching and you’ll love how it quilts up.  It is low loft quilters batting.

How does the binding work?

  • We offer machine binding services for a flat rate of $75.  We have a team of super talented binders that do a great job finishing your quilt.  Unless specified, we always use excess backing to bind the quilt.  We also DO NOT roll excess backing over for the binding.  We cut 2.5" strips to finish and tie your project all together.

What machines do you use?

  • We are proud to quilt on Infinity longarm machines made by Handi Quilter.  These machines are assembled locally here in Utah and we are glad to use these innovative machines and we’re confident you’ll love their precision quilting.

Can I use minky or cuddle backing?

    • Is there anything more comfy than a minky backing?  We LOVE how soft and cuddly minky and cuddle backs are, they’re irresistible.  As long as you include the extra 4” on all sides (8” inches total for width and length, see above) we’ll get started right away and you’ll absolutely love how your quilt will turn out.

Do you do custom quilting?

  • We don’t do custom quilting but we stand in awe of the talented artists that do! We hang our hats on our ability to provide stunning edge-to-edge quilting that is done quickly and affordably.   We will cheer on the custom quilters from a distance though and love to admire their handiwork.

Do you have different thread options?

  • We currently offer a multitude of Omni thread choices.  Omni is a strong, bright, poly-wrapped poly core thread that is extremely durable. It comes in 172 colors and we sometimes are just plain mesmerized when looking at our thread rack.  We love to help match colors and know that right thread can take your project to another level.